Taking a Hiatus

I have been pursuing various projects lately and have not really been writing much about Business Analysis. My focus today is more in effectively implementing Agile. There is a lot of great information here, so do feel free to browse around.  I recently went through the whole blog, cleaned some stuff up, and discovered some Continue reading Taking a Hiatus

Business Transformation Weekly Digest: December 11, 2015

As I create these digests, I keep seeing business transformation basically being described as a move to the cloud and mobile. I like that this article from Gulf News Technology reminds us that moving to cloud is just replacing one technology with ano…

Business Transformation Bonus Digest: December 1, 2015

There have been so many good business transformation articles lately! And I missed sending out a digest on November 20. So this week I m giving you a bonus digest to enjoy. In this interview on ZDNet, David Bray and Corina DuBois share what they have learned about being successful change agents. I particularly liked this tip: Build consensus by listening to the narrative, build trust and reduce fear with consistent communication, and articulate a vision of the future that others will support and around which they will rally. Tips for Change Agents

If it is not Command and Control, What Does the Executive Do?

I had the good fortune recently to spend some time with a VP I know who is currently working for a very large company. This is someone I think is very effective his organization runs well, his people are empowered and love working for him, and he is not spending all his time fighting fires. He has built 2 such organizations at his current company and was just assigned a new one. His previous organizations continue to run well without him (which is one of his personal tests for whether or not he has done a good job). I really like, admire, and respect this VP (he is my role model for an executive) so I asked, What do you do? How do you make all this work? He was happy to share his thoughts with me. What follows combines things he told me and things I have observed over the years I have known him. When I start with a new organization, I do not hit the ground running, ripping everything apart and rebuilding it. Rather, I wait at least 90 days until I am sure I understand what is goin